A Rich History in Our Community


Branch #104 was granted a charter in 1919 by the Great War Veterans Association of Canada. With the GWVA being replaced by the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League a new charter was granted to the Branch on November 14th, 1930.

An active Ladies Auxiliary (which has existed since 1931) continues to provide volunteers in support of Branch functions and fundraising events particularly through the provision of catering and funeral teas.

In 2015, the Branch received its 85-year certificate and is the third largest Branch in Canada with a current membership of 1413 members. New members are welcome – we accept applications from all volunteers in the community not just past serving Canadian Forces personnel or Veterans.

Branch 104 continues to assist community projects and support local charitable initiatives and fundraising events. In 2014, the Branch contributed more than $41,000 to local causes (a similar figure was donated in 2015). The Auditorium was donated without charge on 24 occasions to Church groups, youth organizations and other local service groups for their fundraising activities. The Branch has achieved “Partner Status” with the STARS Air Ambulance organization with donations totalling over $250,000 to date. Ongoing donations and support each year is provided to 7th Penhold Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

Year Established

Building Opened

Current Members

Legion Emblems

The National Flag of Canada

Represents our country throughout the world. The red and white are the colours of Canada. The maple leaf has been regarded as a Canadian emblem since 1700, if not before.

The Royal Union Flag

More commonly called the Union Jack, is a symbol of Canada’s membership in the Commonwealth of Nation and of her allegiance to the Crown and our affiliation with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League.

The Blood Red Poppy of Flanders

Is immortalized as an emblem of sacrifice and Remembrance for the honouring of the thousands who laid down their lives for those ideals which we, as Canadians cherish. The Poppy calls upon us to remember not only those who have died but also those who still suffer from honourable wounds and disabilities. The Poppy challenges us to serve in peace, as in war, to help those who need our help and to protect those who need our protection.

The Torch

Is symbolic of justice, honour, and freedom for which our comrades fought and died. We who are left must pledge ourselves to hold it high lest we break faith with those who died.

Branch Badge

The Crown

Is the St. Edward Crown used by the Sovereign.

The Red Maple Leaf

On a white background is derived from the Canadian coat of arms.

Our Pledge and Motto

Memoriam Eorum Retinebimus (We Will Remeber Them) is the outside circle. It is in Latin, a language generally used on badges, crests, and banner of national and military emblems.

The Word Legion

In golf, and the background in blue represents the official colours of the Legion.

The Poppy

Is a symbol of Remembrance

This Badge was approved by the Sovereign. It is to be worn honourably and proudly.

Your Royal Canadian Legion is committed to making a difference in the lives of Veterans and their families. In addition to providing essential services in our communities, and remembering the men and women who sacrificed for our country.

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 104 - Innisfail, AB - Poppy Campaign The Poppy Campaign Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 104 - Innisfail, AB - Poppy Campaign

Every year, from the last Friday of October to November 11th, tens of millions of Canadians wear a Poppy as a visual pledge to honour Canada’s Veterans and remember those who sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. While the Poppy is distributed freely to all who wish to wear one, the Legion gratefully accepts donations to the Poppy Fund.

The Poppy Campaign is a local initiative, conducted by our Branch through Innisfail and surrounding areas, including Penhold and Spruce View. Donations collected during the Poppy Campaign are held in Trust at the branch to directly support Veterans and their families within our community and to help ensure Canadians ‘never forget’. Learn more about how your donations help Veterans.

In recent years, the Legion has begun a digital version of The Poppy Campaign at mypoppy.ca. Canadians who donate online will receive a digital Poppy in remembrance of a Veteran of their choosing. If you want to get involved with the Poppy Campaign and help support Canada’s Veterans every day, join the Legion!


Community Involvement

The Legion is the cornerstone of our communities. Branch #104 provides essential services to their community by creating an active volunteer base to assist our community’s veterans, youth and senior populations. Over the storied history of our Branch, we have been involved with a vast number of organizations and causes. It is our responsibility to continue to supply and support our community. 

Branch #104 supports many different organizations with cash including the Parkland Foundation, Innisfail High School Breakfast program, Hospital activity Book, Innisfail Horseshoe Club, Innisfail Food Bank, Innisfail Christmas Bureau, Terry Fox run, Kneehill 4-H club, Innisfail Minor Hockey, Bowden Ag Society, Daines Rodeo , Penhold Air Cadets, Victims of Violence, Meals on Wheels, Central Alberta Regional Science Foundation.

In Kind donations of the Auditorium are made to organizations such as the Girl Guides, Various Innisfail Church groups, Cancer Foundation, Red Deer Highlanders, Friends of the Eastern Slopes, Joys School of Dance, Innisfail Schools and many others. Overall there is about $100,000.00 cash and in kind donated to our community. 

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