They served and sacrificed for our freedoms. Becoming a member of the Legion is the ultimate way to show your gratitude and give your support. You don’t have to be a Veteran to join and make a difference.

Why Join the Legion?

Branch #104 of the Royal Canadian Legion is a place for people to gather and feel connected to their neighbours. We serve as the primary community centre, hosting weddings, town meetings, community BBQs, memorial services, and other important events and activities. We are the cornerstone of our community.

The Royal Canadian Legion, with nearly 270,000 Legion members in 1,400 branches across the country, encompasses a diverse group of individuals.

Some are serving or retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Others have a close affiliation with the military, such as through a family member. Many are just regular Canadians hoping to make a difference.

But there is one constant among all of them: A desire to support the men and women who have served Canada.

Why Legion Membership Matters

  • Support Veterans and their families
  • Remembering the Fallen
  • Honouring a Loved One
  • Make a Difference in your Community
  • Democratic, non-partisan, member-based organization
  • Ensuring Veterans get the benefits they deserve through Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Helping Veterans adjust to civilian life
  • Helping Veterans in need with financial assistance
  • Helping Veterans find help for PTSD and other mental health difficulties
  • Helping homeless Veterans off the street.

We welcome into our membership those without military affiliation who support Canada’s Veterans. Legion members, whether they have served or not, help Veterans and their families, promote Remembrance, support Legion programs, and volunteer their time to provide essential services within their communities.

Types of Memberships Available


  • Ordinary membership
    Includes still serving and retired military, reservists, RCMP, police officers, Canadian Coast Guard, and others listed in the General By-Laws.
  • Associate membership
    Includes parents, spouses, widows, widowers, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces as well as nephews of a person who is or was eligible for Ordinary membership.
  • Affiliate voting membership
    Includes Canadian citizens or Commonwealth subjects from an Allied nation who support The Royal Canadian Legion’s aims and objectives and are not eligible for ordinary or associate membership.
  • Affiliate non-voting membership
    Includes non-Canadian citizens or non-Commonwealth subjects from an Allied nation who support The Royal Canadian Legion’s aims and objectives.

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